Lil Butters Tillywig Award Winner 2016



Lil’ Butters i a line of 4-inch collectible butterfly figures, intended for girls, that helps give kids both the freedom and a conduit for expressing and embracing their own emotions and unique personalities. They are unlike any butterflies you will have seen before – laced with humor, intelligence, and lots of attitude. Each Lil’ Butters communicates a great deal about herself through appearance alone, and every one of them is tremendous fun to look at. Series 01 consists of six different Lil’ Butters – Love Stinks, Sweet Beats, Super hero, Whatever!, Mellow Bliss, and Lovey Dovey. Each comes in a custom package that includes graphics, quotes, and a bio that conveys that character’s style and vibe. Each Lil’ Butter captures the essence of a strikingly different personality, and owning all six offers the very real benefit of giving kids an array to choose from, and identify with, as the mood strikes.

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