Snaptoys Heads to New York Toy Fair with Their Biggest Lineup Yet

Launching in 2017 will be two new lines as well as Word Party toys in support of the blockbuster Jim Henson and Netflix programming.

New York, NY, February 18, 2017 — Snaptoys, Inc., the up and coming sister company to Snap Global Solutions, a leader in toy manufacturing and design, is showing their most comprehensive line yet since the company’s debut last year. Showing at the North American International Toy Fair in New York from February 18-21, Snaptoys will be showcasing the latest in its successful series of Lil’ Butters collectible figurines, as well as Party-Jammies, GlitterShine Dragons, and the long-awaiting Word Party toy line in support of the blockbuster Jim Henson and Netflix programming geared towards children ages 2-4. Snaptoys will be located at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in Booth #2053.

“We are excited to be back for a second year at the prestigious North American International Toy Fair and bring high quality, classic, yet innovative, toy play to children around the globe,” said Ricardo Venegas, President and CEO of Snaptoys and Snap Global Solutions. “While our Snap Global Solutions company continues to design and manufacture toys for entertainment leaders such as Disney and Universal Studios, our Snaptoys endeavor has assuredly put our own intellectual properties, as well as licensed brands, on the map at retail.”

NEW! WORD PARTY: Snaptoys, Inc., will launch a range of Word Party toys as the master toy licensee of The Jim Henson Company for their Netflix original series for preschoolers, Word Party, starting with plush in the Spring of 2017. Now in its second season, Word Party is a vocabulary building show that follows four adorable baby animals, Bailey an Elephant, Franny a Cheetah, Kip a Wallaby, and Lulu a Panda, as they sing, dance, and play. The show invites young viewers (ages 2-4) to help teach the baby animals new words, practice these new words themselves, and celebrate these achievements with a “Word Party!”

NEW! PARTY-JAMMIES: Every day is a slumber party when you’re rocking in your jammies! This adorable line of 12” plush dolls each comes with stylish hair and matching comb, trendy animal-themed onesies, and removable hoods, all for girls ages 3-6. Fun accessories designed for the ultimate sleepover include hair clips, mini plush, sleeping bags, backpacks and pop-up tents, as well as the ultimate Super Slumber Party Set. Available Spring 2017. (Please note product name change from previous releases.)

NEW! GLITTERSHINE DRAGONS: Imaginations will soar as you create fantastic adventures with GlitterShine Dragons. These shimmery friends bring hours of imaginative play with their stylish hair, sparkly fabrics, and themed wings. GlitterShine Dragons is a line of 6 whimsical and beautiful 10” themed plush dragons.  Dream of fairytales with Glitter Fay, explore the oceans with Sea Sparkle, or make wishes with Twinkle Luck. Hearts and imagination will glitter brightly with Shimmer Snow, Glimmer Flora, or Rainbow Glow. For ages 3-6 with hair play and magical personalities! Available Spring 2017. (Please note product name change from previous releases.)

LIL’ BUTTERS is Snaptoys’ flagship line of fun and sassy collectible butterfly figurines with unique personalities! Each one is designed with beautiful wing patterns and a unique emoji that truly resonate with girls of all ages! There are two series currently available with six figures in each. Lil’ Butters are available online at and in-stores nationwide at independent and specialty retail shops, as well as in-stores and online at Barnes & Noble; the latter of which having their own exclusive figure, Rita Book! Learn more at

THUNDER STOMPERS are ferocious yet cuddly plush dinosaurs that come to life with roars and thundering stomping sounds – perfect for children ages 2-5. Mash, Slash, Crash and Flash are 12” of colorful, high quality plush with signature, oversized feet and vibrant personalities! New this year is a 12” Gruff the Gorilla and 22” versions of Gruff, Slash and Smash. Transform playtime into an adventure with THUNDER STOMPERS! Available online at Amazon and in-stores nationwide at independent and specialty retail shops. Also available at the Rainforest Café restaurants and Jurassic Quest exhibitions.